Photo: Patrice Richard

MARTIAL CHETELAT comes from the famous movement theater school "SCUOLA TEATRO DIMITRI" in Switzerland. After a clown-acrobat-magician career, he founded the "ARC EN CIRQUE" circus school in 2001, he has managed for a 7 years cycle. Although he's been vegetarian for a long time, he has left the circus school to devour some Yack...
Since, he's been learning Tibetan Astrology (with Lama Lobsang Darjy and autodidact), Ku Nye Massage, Tibetan Traditional Medicine, Mantra Healing, and dream analysis. Thus, he met Dr. Nida Chenagtsang, who after having noticed that Martial had a certain tenacity to juggle with tibetan astrology elements and animals, asked him to create SORIGASTRO website.

Conception - french version: Martial Chetelat
English translation: Patrice Richard


Lama Lobsang Darjy was a master astrologer and monk with a background in the Nyingma, Kagyudpa and Gelugpa traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. For many years, he has been resident at Rajha monastery in Amdo, where he completed Buddhist studies including Budhist philosophy, tantra and Kalachakra tantra. During this time, he was Chant master for seven years, ritual master for three years, as well as studying Tibetan Medicine and Astrology. He studied medicine at the Qinghai Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital. In addition, Lama Lobsang is a writer and poet: his book, ‘One Voice’ tells of his experience as a Tibetan in a rapidly changing modern world. He is a member of the Tibetan Writers’ Association, under whose auspices he attended the Italian PEN Freedom of Expression Conference in Venice, in May 2005. He is a fountain of wisdom on Astrology in Tibetan Medicine.Unfortunately he passed away with a complication of an aneurism on the 27 september 2010. It is a great loss for all of us. I thank him deeply for All is Teaching.

Dr Nida Chenagtsang was born in Amdo, Tibet. Interested in the traditional medicine of his people, Dr Nida began his early medical training at the local Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospital. Later he gained scholarship entry to Lhasa Tibetan Medical University and completed his medical training in 1996. Dr Nida gained his practical training at the Traditional Tibetan Medicine Hospitals in Lhasa (Lhasa Mentsi Khang) and Lhoka.
Dr Nida has published a number of articles and several books on Traditional Tibetan Medicine. He has extensively researched ancient Tibetan medicinal treatments, specialising in the revival of external therapies, which has brought him high acclaim in the field of Tibetan Medicine in both the East and West. Dr Nida is Director of the International Academy for Traditional Tibetan Medicine (IATTM) and the Co-Founder of the International Ngak-Mang Institutes (NMI), established to preserve and maintain the Rebkong Ngakpa culture within modern Tibetan society.
Dr Nida’s teachings are widely known throughout Asia, Europe, Russia, the USA and Australia, where he has trained students in Traditional Tibetan Medicine, Ku Nye Massage, Mantra Healing, Diet and Behaviour, Dream Analysis, Sa Che (geomancy), as well as Birth and Death according to Tibetan Medicine. All courses, seminars and public talks are organised through the IATTM and NMI. Fluent in English, Dr Nida is an experienced and knowledgeable communicator with a sophisticated ability to teach the subtleties of these traditional modalities to westerners.